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Asset Management Services


We offer a wide variety of asset management services tailored to the needs of our clients.  We'll work to ensure that your investment is a fully functional and profitable asset.  From property management to full investment services, we do it all with the goal of reducing the worry and stress of commercial property ownership.

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Property Management


As a commercial property owner, engaging a reliable commercial property management company is a prudent and cost-effective move.  Managing commercial properties requires specialized expertise.  We can help you obtain the maximum return on your asset through improving cash flow, retaining tenants, and increasing property value.

We help our Clients by focusing on:

  • Routine & Emergency Maintenance Coordination

  • Landlord - Tenant Lease Negotiations

  • Ongoing Mediation and Tenant Relations

  • Tenant Retention

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy




Investment Consultation


As an independent local company, we are well suited to serve local and regional investors who are searching for the right opportunity.  In a dynamic market, our experience and expertise enables us to adapt quickly and effectively to today's fluid economy.  We use appraisal data and analytics to create a comprehensive property profile, incorporating market factors and economic indicators.  This allows us to design an investment strategy that fits your goals.


We help our Clients by focusing on:

  • Comparative Market Analysis & Broker Opinion of Value

  • Lease Buyout Negotiations

  • Distressed Asset Counseling

  • Development Opportunities

  • Property Identification & Locational Analysis

  • Targeted Marketing

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